Alexander А. BYKOV, Vitaly V. ALESHCHENKO, Roman I. CHUPIN, Alexandru Mircea Nedelea


The study identifies the possibilities of the grain complex of Siberia to supply grain for export. The role of the state and the main regulatory documents of the federal and regional levels, aimed at the development of the grain market and its export from Siberia, have been determined. Using data from the Federal Customs Service of Russia, an analysis of grain exports by regions of Siberia and grain crops for 2017-2019 was carried out. The factors hindering the export of Siberian grain have been warned. The study presents a forecast of grain exports by the regions of Siberia until 2025, as well as its promising directions and priority sales markets. To identify trends in the development of grain exports, the main commodity groups (wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat) were considered. Priority sales markets have been identified, to which supplies should be increased, while solving transport and logistics problems, overcoming tariff and non-tariff barriers.


Grain market; Grain exports, Export problems, Siberia


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