The Convergence of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices: Republic of Moldova and European Union

Cătălin Ioan Clipa, Anca Maria Clipa


The influence of EU over the countries in the Eastern Partnership, the expansion of EU and the economic crisis are creating a dynamic environment which require organizations to continuously adapt. Valorising the potential of human resources and their capability of adapting to change is one of the factors that accelerate the economic development of countries, beside access to knowledge, technology and material resources. The purpose of the study is to analyse the strategic human resource practices in the organizations from the Republic of Moldova and to assess the level of convergence of practices from Republic of Moldova to the European ones by calculating the closeness of Republic of Moldova to one of the European Human Resource Management clusters (previously identified by M. Ingjatovic and I. Svetlik) considering strategic practices as strategy formalization, involvement of human resource department in developing the organizational strategy and devolution of human resource decisions to line management. In this way, Republic of Moldova was added to the map of European clusters of strategic human resource management.


convergence; clusters; HR practices; European Union; strategy


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