Today’s Issues of Insurance Businesses : Attitudes of Premium Holders, Agents and Insurance Companies with special reference to LICHF

Moses Antony Rajendran, Alexandru Mircea Nedelea


As we are all know that anything which can marketable among the human communities for the money and money related values circulation is also business.  In insurance, fear of  people is made as a business. Of course fear is a risk of human community.  In the world there are around 228 countries are having a their own conditions to establish the nations.  Among the constitutions insurance also is one among them.  India is one of the leading and fast developing countries in the world.  In India, there are 28 states and 7 Union territories.  Every state and union territory has a huge number of populations.  They populations also called customers.  To do any business we need customers.  So, our population is are customers which is important for the domestic goods and services economy.  Thus, the attitudes of the policy holders, agents and insurance companies must be looked for the further development of the insurance business.  In India, there are around 1.25 billion population is there.

Everybody should get a insurance in their risk areas so that it will be and develop the economy in a moral ways.  Risk or poor, need insurance.  In India, rich is becoming richer and poor is going to jail.  Since these kind of attitudes are there it is now showing the justice into the insurance business.  We can also take the insurance systems from the developed countries and implement for our country where there is necessary.  The authors aim is to identify the problem through the treaty.  It is all our observation however the ideas came from also through the texts and notes.   Although there are good things in the insurance business identify the problems is also research which is important to solve the problem for the further improvement.  So, policy holders, agents and insurance companies attitudes must be looked  to identify the problems which will help to get the suggestions and recommendations to improve the insurance business further.


business, insurance, economy


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