Influence of Cultural Determinants on the Process of Business Innovations Management

Temur Shengelia



Globalization of markets worldwide causes free movement of not only capital, work force and technologies, but joint management of innovation problems. Open innovations have become a source of technological and economic development of the innovator-countries. In modern conditions transnational corporations are characterized by cooperation in the sphere of innovations and a high level of coordination and direct their orientation to open (international) innovations, which is an important source, on the one part, of technological progress development and, on the other, growth of profit.

In Georgia the most important themes of the innovation process is considered to be: institutions, finances, management, staff, technology, and the national and business culture, as the context of innovations is almost not considered. This is motivated by the circumstance that technological component of innovations is considered to be more important than humanotarian. Within the context of markets, fields and globalization of innovations the study and analysis of multicultural factors of innovations are becoming far more important.

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