Zamfir Mariana


The Cash Budget is a predictive financial statement that allows the study and analysis of the effects of other budgets prepared by an economic entity on cash, helping to ensure their consistency. In this research paper the understanding of the Cash Budget concept is the first issue to be addressed. Here are described the steps needed to prepare it, highlighting the main categories of receipts and payments that need to be outlined for its construction as well as the main ways of covering the cash deficit and investment of the available amounts. The research continues with the presentation of a case study on the preparation of a cash budget for a company and ends with the identification of some methods of achieving cash control. The research results can be used by any economic entity in order to analyze the impact of future activities on the company’s cash to decide on the sources of financing and how to place the cash surplus.


budget; receipts; liquidity; payments; cash.


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*** Order of the Ministry of Public Finance no. 1802/2014 for the approval of the Accounting Regulations on the individual annual financial statements and the consolidated annual financial statements.

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