Frida - Ramadini, Inggrita Gusti Sari Nasution


This study aimed to identify Batik Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) problems in Medan and provide solution for Batik SMEs’ problems in Medan. Using force field analysis to identify the problems faced Batik SMEs in Medan, it was found that the problems in Batik enterprise development in Medan occurred from: Batik craftsmen, entrepreneurs, materials and equipment, government support and customer. To make Batik enterprise development in Medan optimal, a synergized enterprise-based Batik development model in Medan was required. It involved three elements which were government SME businesspeople, and academicians, so that Batik enterprises in Medan can develop comprehensively.L22, L26, L67, L81


development strategy, Small and medium-sized enterprises, Batik


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