Natalia ORLOVA


Development of information society in Ukraine and introduction of new information and communication technologies in areas of social life and activity of the government is defined by effective work of the e-government in the country. The article is devoted to finding the role of e-government in the socio-economic development. The aim of of this paper is to find the the main directions of e-government in the information society to improve the efficiency of government in Ukraine and the access to international information society.

The article is analyzed the factors constraining introduction of electronic government in Ukraine, obstacles for users of e-governments system in the conditions of information society  also. It is proved that e-government is the foundation of a new model of governance in Ukraine. The article is analysed a rating of the European countries (separately Eastern Europe) by efficiency of introduction of the electronic government. The methodological basis of  research is made by a logical and dialectic method of knowledge of economic events and state regulation machineries in modern world and national economies, the provision of fundamental works on the economic theory, international law and public administration.


E- government; innovation; IT technologie; informative society; public administration


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